Our Story

Veracity Sport was founded by Pierlus Stewart and Glen Knowles, two Youngstown State University alumni and former NCAA Division 1 runners. Veracity Sport was created to inspire individuals to live their truth through their athletic journey. 

When developing this brand, the idea was to build something made for everyone and represents an idea of self improvement. At Veracity Sport we have a clear vision to create gear that helps individuals feel confident in who they are and where they’re going. This is fitness made for everyone, to the underdogs and the champions, broken and unbroken, veterans and beginners. In anything, sometimes an extra push is all we need to get started or keep going. Everyone’s got a fire in their belly just waiting to be lit, and we strive to empower you to ignite that change.

We believe that we were never meant to fit in. Some may ask us, to be or not to be? To be, of course, because we choose to be different. We choose to collectively push the boundaries set on us by others and break the mold. Veracity Sport was made to be the standard, to challenge who we are today, so that we can become who we’re meant to be tomorrow.

Aspire to live courageously for you and not what someone expects you to be. It's important in anything worth having, to stay encouraged and never lose sight of who you are as a person.

Own Who You Are, And Confidently Live Your Truth.

- Veracity Sport